What Does Compression Do? (Part 1)

Well the short answer is it takes a music file, and removes all the unnecessary information that makes it sound good, and turns it into something short and hissy enough to fit onto your iPhone or Google phone, if that’s your thing. Wait, sorry, wrong blog. Let’s talk about compression in all its glory as […]

No Pain…No Pain

Want to talk a bit about pain this week.  Not the losing the World Series, or breaking up with your girlfriend or even the world of pain in the Big Lebowski kind of pain.  I’m talking about the pain of ankle sprains, metatarsal fractures, and bunion surgery (not as bad as you’d think, or so […]

The Untreatable Toe Fracture

I don’t really know how much cold the nuclear winter dished out last week; I was on greener pastures in a warmer climate, in a magical place full of kingdoms and castles.  It’s a safe bet, however, that the NYC weather was true to form and miserable as usual, which like a bad dream eventually […]

You Want a MRI With That?

Little confession from your NYC podiatrist.  I’m not in NYC.  Down in the sunshine state, keeping away from all yeast which in this case includes both leavening and fungus.  But even during downtime, I know my audience demands another informative and entertaining blog, and it seems the gods of SEO also expect their weekly keyword […]