Are the Skies Friendly?

It’s not always easy to find inspiration for these most inspired and inspirational blogs, although sometimes the inspiration just surrounds, as it does now, at 36,000 feet. As it’s a common question in our NYC podiatry practice, thought it might be high time – pun intended – we talked a bit about flying and your […]

The Inflammation Explanation Summation

Oh it’s just a bit inflamed. Uh huh. Right. Just another platitude doctors feed their patients, right up there with “this won’t hurt a bit” and “of course your insurance covers this.” And it always seems like the inflammation lingers on, appearing perilously close to an infection. So what is inflammation anyway, and why does […]

Oy, It’s So Humid!

Yes it’s true, my dear NYC podiatry patients, the endless winter has really and officially been vanquished, and now we have a summer that’s hot as blazes to complain about. Ah. If you’re like me, a really hot and sticky summer day makes you think of swollen ankles, and why it is that the problem […]

What Does Compression Do? (Part 1)

Well the short answer is it takes a music file, and removes all the unnecessary information that makes it sound good, and turns it into something short and hissy enough to fit onto your iPhone or Google phone, if that’s your thing. Wait, sorry, wrong blog. Let’s talk about compression in all its glory as […]