Bringing It

No it’s not the bean salad, although please tell Aunt Eunice not to forget that next time or she’s no longer welcome at the family reunion. I’m talking about the #Olympics2018 that just ended, and the spectacle of it all. Those who are well acquainted with my uber-nerdosity don’t need another reminder of my lack of athletic prowess and enthusiasm, save for the solitude and fortitude of distance running. However, I do appreciate the rush, stamina, skill, and dreams that make up the Olympics, and the little that I caught in between saving lives and catching up on my Golden Girls DVDs inspired me to inspire you, my dear NYC podiatry patients.

Norway? More like Nor-power to you, my snowbound friends. Not too shabby for a country of 5 million. I know what you’re going to say. It’s innate, inborn, easy for them. Yeah right. About as easy as winning 7 Tours de France in a row, with or without performance enhancing drugs (sorry, still have to give Lance the props due him). But as they say, showing up is half the battle. And showing up to this event is indeed an Olympic feat. The innate and developed talent, years of training, dedication, work, and then qualifying and having the temerity and audacity to compete- to compete perchance to win! It’s easy to dismiss any of the athletes as having natural skill, a country that backed them, or just an event as my 14 year old described figure skating as “twirling and skating backwards.” The good ones always do make it look easy. I address myself along with you my dear NYC podiatry patients, that there is no substitute for dedication, hard work, and a dash of talent and good luck. It’s not a bad thing- with all that’s happening domestically and internationally these days- to enjoy 2 weeks of showcasing the best and brightest, and (hopefully) rewarding hard work and talent in a very public fashion.

And so while there was a decided lack of interesting and juicy foot and ankle fractures, sprains and otherwise schadenfreude inducing mishaps, it’s a great time to see the fruits of many labors. I’d like to think that we can all learn to come together in a global spirit, work harder, achieve more, live better, and be better people from this event. Well, for at least about 20 minutes or so.

See you in the office.

Ernest Isaacson