Bringing It

No it’s not the bean salad, although please tell Aunt Eunice not to forget that next time or she’s no longer welcome at the family reunion. I’m talking about the #Olympics2018 that just ended, and the spectacle of it all. Those who are well acquainted with my uber-nerdosity don’t need another reminder of my lack […]

Athletic Deficit Disorder

Ok #Eagles fans. I get it, and I have to say I’m impressed. Those of you who know me know that despite my modicum of against all nerd odds running prowess, I am less than interested in sports, and less than athletic. So despite my #Boston heart and roots, there is decidedly less sting in […]


The year is marching on, my dear NYC podiatry patients, and we are surrounded by a rapidly evolving news cycle, cascading world events, a grotesquely entertaining government, all wrapped up in a noisome cover of fake news from all sides. And that is why, my foot friends, you turn to the most trusted source of […]

Life Socks

Well, not really, it’s just a catchy title. Although it is 2018 already, and I’m still waiting for the flying car that will supplant my morning commute over the rails of the not quite yet reliable Long Island Railroad. And it’s been cold here in NYC, not just cold but bomb cyclone cold- which I […]

I’m In

Well my dear NYC podiatry patients, it’s final. I’m in the #TCSNYCMarathon for 2017. I’ve secured a charity spot running for team @ohelfamily, and looking forward to crossing the finish line with 25,000 friends on November 5, because the only way home is through the finish line. Or in the back of an ambulance, but […]

Laboring Day

Labor Day is winding down, which means the summer has had its last gasps. That’s bad news for all you kids out there, and great news for your parents! Since Labor Day is a celebration of workers everywhere, we ironically take the day off from work. In any case, to paraphrase the poet of duel […]

The Feet Smell…

And the nose runs. Forgive me, the borscht belt dies hard in my culture. Now that we are well into the dog days of summer and in light of the climate change that has enveloped us all in a haze of oppressive hot air and calamitous storms- and that’s just from the politicos- it’s time […]

That’s Some Nerve

Sensitive little things, those nerves are. Always firing off signals, transmitting messages, and giving orders. For the most part, they are very efficient lines of transmission, communicating signals between our brains and just about every other part of the body, both detectable and undetectable, save for the toenails, which makes my job just a bit […]

Independence Day

Well that day is upon us again, or it passed a few weeks ago, depending on when you’re reading this. It’s time to celebrate a major portion of the British Empire voting to leave a large government and downsize to a smaller leaner independent island. No I’m not talking Brexit here, my dear NYC podiatry […]

NY-euroma in my NY-erve Part 2

When I last left you, my poor dear NYC podiatry patients, we were discussing the vicissitudes of pain in the ball of the foot. Since that time the foot still hurts, we are still walking, and it’s just a bit hotter. Time to be a bit proactive and talk about solutions to the problem. After […]