Is it 2016 already? Seems like those Olympics really sneak up on us, what with the heat, humidity and hot air that permeates the summer and this particular election season. And with the Olympic feats and feets, comes Olympic size injury, starting with an open tibial fracture suffered by gymnast Samir Ait Said early in […]

For Prince

Yes, that Prince. A bit of a confession – I’m not much of a fan of the music, and I haven’t listed to any albums since I got Purple Rain on cassette for my Bar Mitzvah, but I give him props for creativity and ingenuity. I was, however, particularly struck that the apparent cause of […]

Felled by a Superbug

In case you’ve been reading the news about the New York Giants (and as anyone who has read this exciting and thrill packed blog, you know I’m as much of a sports fan as a bookish NYC podiatrist can be), there’s been quite a bit of tension in the Giants locker room lately. And no, […]

Kelly and Mark’s Left Foot

It’s a real drag to have to wait in the waiting room of a doctor’s office, even our NYC podiatry office, despite the bright and cheery demeanor of my most excellent staff, free coffee, Wi-Fi, and cable TV. However, as with any cloud, this one too has a silver lining, and that is the opportunity […]

Christie Brinkley’s Big Break

Big news this week out of LA, as Christie Brinkley, the 60 (!) year old supermodel, mom and former Mrs. Joel (now you have Uptown Girl running through your head on continuous loop too- Ha!) injured her foot and posted it to Instagram for the world to see and discuss her injury and choice of […]

Injured Collegiate Football Foot Ball!

If you follow college football the way I follow college football then you will likely have no idea what I’m talking about, because I really don’t follow college football.  I do, however, follow college football ball of foot injuries, such as the one suffered by Taylor Martinez of Nebraska.  News emerged this week of Taylor’s […]