Is it 2016 already? Seems like those Olympics really sneak up on us, what with the heat, humidity and hot air that permeates the summer and this particular election season. And with the Olympic feats and feets, comes Olympic size injury, starting with an open tibial fracture suffered by gymnast Samir Ait Said early in […]

A Fibrous Query

Got a burning question here in NYC, one that I’m quite sure keeps many of my NYC podiatry patients up at night. No it’s not You Know Who versus What’s Her Name – that’s an easy one. Just hold your nose and vote for the one who is least annoying to listen to on the […]

You Want a MRI With That?

Little confession from your NYC podiatrist.  I’m not in NYC.  Down in the sunshine state, keeping away from all yeast which in this case includes both leavening and fungus.  But even during downtime, I know my audience demands another informative and entertaining blog, and it seems the gods of SEO also expect their weekly keyword […]

Could Your Foot Problems Come From Your Genes?

So you got warts. Or fungal nails, or athlete’s foot, or bunions, flat feet, or calluses.  And to make it all worse, your parents are blaming your shoe choice.  Well at the risk of taking sides against your parents, it’s highly likely that you can place that blame squarely back on your parents.  And all you parents out there, read […]

Could Your Ankle or Big Toe Pain Be Osteoarthritis?

It’s a big week here in NYC.  The World Series is happening, two teams are playing, and one will likely beat the other for the championship.  Yes, it is thrilling.  Locally, we are getting stoked for the NYC marathon, and the plethora of blisters, stress fractures, tendonitis and nail trauma that is sure to come […]

Got Gout?

Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti day, at least that’s what Anthony says. But any day is a good day for gout, especially Monday. And even though that may have little to do with anything, I thought that maybe we could spend some time over these next few cool crisp fall weeks discussing various forms of arthritis. […]