Function, Not Form

In over 11 years of practicing NYC podiatry, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some, shall we say, interesting feet. Toes that, due to nature or nurture, point to many different directions of the compass and feet that look, well, painful. However, some of these feet are brought in by their owners due to severe, […]

High Times for Arches

There’s a great movement afoot in this country, with lots of grass roots support to weed out those who oppose the potential referendum. This has led to a paradigm shift in the popular outlook, with minds and laws changing faster than a cloud of smoke fades into the air of a teenager’s bathroom. I’m referring, […]

Need Therapy?

Not so fast, NYC Freudians, not that kind of therapy.  We are talking about something decidedly different.  Something that can relieve pain, improve range of motion, optimize gait, and change your life.  No it’s not orthotics, although that works too.  This week we are talking about physical therapy. Many patients who stumble into my NYC podiatry […]

New Year, New Office

2013 is winding to a close, and I’m still not convinced that we pronounce it “twenty thirteen” vs “two thousand thirteen”.  I’ll figure it out before the millennium is up.  Meanwhile, if you are on the mailing list for our NYC podiatry office – and chances are good since you’re reading this – then you […]