It’s Device, It’s Dilemma, It’s not so Delovely

You’ve probably seen these flipping through Harriet Carter or the Dr. Leonard’s catalog, somewhere between a custom monogramed dog sweater and- ahem- personal massagers. It’s the ubiquitous bunion or hammertoe brace, promising to straighten out the toes, strengthen the foot, realign the joints, and on the way can even do windows. So my dear NYC […]

Summertime Summertime Sum Sum Summertime

And the livin’s easy, as they say. Or maybe not. Because at your local NYC podiatrist’s office we are just gearing up for the summertime fun, and aches and pains and sprains and strains. Now that Memorial Day has come and gone and the summer has been unofficially kicked off (Ha!), it’s a good time […]

Even This Blog Could Save Your Life

For those who may not have anything better to read out there in the blogosphere or social media, we have been talking about the flat foot, its causes and treatments. Today, we conclude the series with additional treatments that, while a bit more aggressive, can be life altering in a very positive way. Sure you […]

This Blog May Also Save Your Life

It’s been busy here for my NYC podiatry patients, but there is always time to save some more lives. And in this case it’s by treating the societal scourge of…flatfoot. And before anyone starts making the obvious law enforcement jokes, let’s have at it with the treatments.   As has been previously mentioned, flatfoot is […]

This Blog Post May Save Your Life

Well, in a way, perhaps slightly inaccurately. You see, my dear NYC podiatry patients, today we are going to speak about your feet, and specifically your flat feet. And we all know that in case of a draft, this condition may count as an exemption, even if it technically shouldn’t since the fallacy of flat […]

Are the Skies Friendly?

It’s not always easy to find inspiration for these most inspired and inspirational blogs, although sometimes the inspiration just surrounds, as it does now, at 36,000 feet. As it’s a common question in our NYC podiatry practice, thought it might be high time – pun intended – we talked a bit about flying and your […]

You’ve Got Some Nerve

It’s the New Year. Hope you had a ball. Actually, I can guarantee you had a ball. Two of them, in most cases. And at this point, if you’re like many of my NYC podiatry patients, you may be experiencing pain, numbness or other sensations in that area, which of course is the ball of […]

The Inflammation Explanation Summation

Oh it’s just a bit inflamed. Uh huh. Right. Just another platitude doctors feed their patients, right up there with “this won’t hurt a bit” and “of course your insurance covers this.” And it always seems like the inflammation lingers on, appearing perilously close to an infection. So what is inflammation anyway, and why does […]