We’re Still Fungi

Well it’s a new year. And after a recent trip to a place full of exposed toenails, I have come to a few conclusions. First, the incidence of angulated toes, very flat feet, and colorful toenails in the general population seems to be quite lower than in my NYC podiatry waiting room. Second, I probably […]

We’re Not Mushrooms, We’re Fungi

It’s getting to be the winter doldrums here in NYC, cold enough for the toes to hibernate for the season, thus leaving the owner of said toes without a trace of a reminder of the fungus that may lurk deeply within those nails. But whether your nails are as green as the tree in the […]

Comfortably Numb

It’s the dog days of summer here in NYC, and maybe time for a bit of light reading, something that can be stuffed in an overstuffed bag, taken to the beach, and then taken out while sitting on a lounge chair, only to be discarded with the detritus of summer fun and ocean refuse, or […]

The Untreatable Toe Fracture

I don’t really know how much cold the nuclear winter dished out last week; I was on greener pastures in a warmer climate, in a magical place full of kingdoms and castles.  It’s a safe bet, however, that the NYC weather was true to form and miserable as usual, which like a bad dream eventually […]

Getting Nailed

Another cold week in the nuclear winter of 2015 in NYC.  Yes I ran today, and managed to eek out 10 miles, but after the blustery blizzardy bone chillingly cold NYC winter which we have endured, I’m getting a bit fed up.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no sissy – at least in this department […]

Could Your Foot Problems Come From Your Genes?

So you got warts. Or fungal nails, or athlete’s foot, or bunions, flat feet, or calluses.  And to make it all worse, your parents are blaming your shoe choice.  Well at the risk of taking sides against your parents, it’s highly likely that you can place that blame squarely back on your parents.  And all you parents out there, read […]

Could Your Ankle or Big Toe Pain Be Osteoarthritis?

It’s a big week here in NYC.  The World Series is happening, two teams are playing, and one will likely beat the other for the championship.  Yes, it is thrilling.  Locally, we are getting stoked for the NYC marathon, and the plethora of blisters, stress fractures, tendonitis and nail trauma that is sure to come […]