Function, Not Form

In over 11 years of practicing NYC podiatry, I’ve had the pleasure of seeing some, shall we say, interesting feet. Toes that, due to nature or nurture, point to many different directions of the compass and feet that look, well, painful. However, some of these feet are brought in by their owners due to severe, […]

Treatments and Solutions for Toenail Fungus

It’s summertime in NYC, and while I don’t condone the idea of men exposing their toenails in public (sorry), I have to face the painful reality that men, and certainly women are walking the mean streets of the five boroughs of NYC with open toes.  And with that much exposure, some of you may notice […]

Can You Move Your Foot or Toe if it’s Broken or Fractured?

I have a little confession to make:  I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars.  Sorry.  Never seen it.  I’ve also never seen American Idol or The Voice.  For the record, The Price is Right might be the most entertaining show on TV.  Anyway, I came across an article last week in which a contestant on Dancing was accused of faking a toe injury.  […]

Does Epsom Salt Help With Ingrown Toenails or Other Foot Injuries?

After an ingrown toenail procedure, treatment of a foreign body wound, muscle aches, ankle sprains, swelling, and, it would seem, just about every other foot and ankle ailment, the question is often asked whether or not Epsom salt would help.  And my stock answer is “I don’t know, but my mother recommends it, and so does yours so […]

Are Your Toenails Ready for Spring?

The calendar has decreed it, so it must be true.  The transition has finally been made from the long cold lonely winter to a nice NYC spring.  Damn the weather, it’s time to show our toes once again.  And while the outside temperature may not quite match the season as indicated on the your calendar, […]

Set the Laser on Kill!

No need to worry here, it’s nothing you don’t want dead already.  We’re talking toenail fungus here, and believe you me, if you’re one of my NYC podiatry patients you will want these little guys dead.  I’m pleased to announce that we are able to safely, and effectively treat those pesky little guys, right in […]

New Year, New Office

2013 is winding to a close, and I’m still not convinced that we pronounce it “twenty thirteen” vs “two thousand thirteen”.  I’ll figure it out before the millennium is up.  Meanwhile, if you are on the mailing list for our NYC podiatry office – and chances are good since you’re reading this – then you […]