Life Socks

Well, not really, it’s just a catchy title. Although it is 2018 already, and I’m still waiting for the flying car that will supplant my morning commute over the rails of the not quite yet reliable Long Island Railroad. And it’s been cold here in NYC, not just cold but bomb cyclone cold- which I […]

I’m In

Well my dear NYC podiatry patients, it’s final. I’m in the #TCSNYCMarathon for 2017. I’ve secured a charity spot running for team @ohelfamily, and looking forward to crossing the finish line with 25,000 friends on November 5, because the only way home is through the finish line. Or in the back of an ambulance, but […]

Summer Running, Happens so Fast

It’s hot here in NYC, and probably where you are too. It’s a great time to run, with a little preparation and a lot of perspiration. While I shvitz here in the dining room I’d like to offer my dear readers and patients a few tips on running in the heat of the NYC summer. […]

Are Your Orthotics Getting You Down?

Nice day today in NYC, and especially in Long Island where I had the pleasure of running the #LImarathon once again, specifically the half.  If you’re looking for a nice, well-supported half marathon in the greater NYC area – and don’t want to bother with a lottery – look no further than Eisenhower Park in […]

If the Shoe Fits

It’s hard to believe, but here in NYC, the nuclear winter continues.  We had snow on the first day of Spring, and it’s still cold outside.  Take that, Al Gore!  What that means for my NYC podiatry patients is that boots are still a necessity for navigating the mean streets of midtown Manhattan.  And with […]

Can You Still Run With Ball of Foot Pain or Morton’s neuroma?

Continuing our theme of superhuman feats, and feets, that we started on Superbowl Sunday, let’s talk about the ultramarathoners.  And specifically the achievements of one ultramarathoner in particular who happens to be a patient of mine, although he may just occupy another universe, after running 100 miles in one race.  It’s the story of a […]

Is Running Really Bad for Your Knees?

Running can be good for the mind, body, AND the knees. Never thought you’d hear that one coming from your local NYC podiatrist, did you?  Well I’m all about dispelling myths and other commonly held beliefs.  For example: high heels- not really so bad, sugar- also not so bad in moderation, Affordable Care Act- going to solve […]

NYC Half-marathon

I’m not going to lie, it’s not easy living in NYC sometimes.  It’s crowded, noisy, expensive, full of traffic and worse- Yankees fans (no offense).  However, being a runner and podiatrist in NYC does offer some distinct advantages, one of which is the abundance of great running paths.  And the mother of all running paths is Central Park, through […]

What is Post-traumatic Arthritis and How is it Treated?

The #TCSNYCMarathon is over, and now the fun starts.  The post-run parties, celebrations and triumphs, the blisters, loose toenails and impossibly sore muscles (can always spot the marathoners after the race – they’re the ones grunting down stairs).  Continuing our most thrilling and exciting discussion about various types of arthritis, it seems appropriate to discuss […]