Get Out!

It’s getting cold here in NYC, so cold I had a fleeting thought that Al Gore might be wrong about this whole climate change business, which makes me doubt other so called scientific facts such as time travel, cold fusion, and that gravity nonsense. But let’s not get caught up in myths. Let’s instead talk […]

X-ray Vision

Now that the Nobel Prizes have been announced, and a real musician finally got his due – who needs a Grammy anyway – it’s a good time to continue our discussion of medical miracles with something that happens every day in your NYC podiatry office: the roentgenogram, or as we all know it today, the […]

A Wee Bit of Alcohol?

Flu season is upon us, I think. Seems like it’s about now that the flu injection is forced upon us by the paternalistic and domineering medical community in violation of our good American civil liberties. Viva la virus! Of course that’s strictly off the record, because this NYC podiatrist isn’t going to be responsible for […]

Labor Day in NYC

It’s that time of year once again. Yes kids, it’s time for you to go back to school so your parents’ vacations can start. Ha. We know how that goes.   Even for adults and parents alike, Labor Day is always a bit of a drag, being the end of summer and all. So let’s be […]

The Dessert of Champions

Hey there sports fans and NYC podiatry patients, unless you’ve been living in a cave in Abbotabad for the past two weeks, you know we just had an Olympic Olympics. Even for the uber-nerdy non-sports fans such as your dear NYC podiatrist, this was most interesting to watch and follow. And for those with time […]

Yes You Can!

Pay attention here kids, because I’m about to change your lives and save you a bundle of money, and no, you don’t have to switch your car insurance. I’m no Tony Robbins, but I feel like I’ve awoken my own inner giant and want to help others do the same. And you don’t have to […]

Still No Smoking

It was just another day in my NYC podiatry practice. I walked in the room and there she was. Sitting on the exam chair with her bipedal appendages at the end of a lower extremity artfully propped up on the happy feet towels. As I sat down in my rolling chair I took a closer […]

If You’re Reading This Online, It Must Be True

Discuss amongst yourselves. Here’s something else for you: Netflix occupies 25% of the total internet bandwidth; which says a lot for the content contained within the other 75%. And buried somewhere in the noise of so much scintillating pulsating internet noise, is a signal of medical information and disinformation. And for clarity, my young NYC […]

End of the Year

Well kids, it’s that time of year again. Break out the egg nog, ambiguous holiday greetings, and your credit cards, because it’s time to drink, connect, reflect, gift, and gift again, not necessarily in that order. If you didn’t receive the chocolate basket from my office, be patient, it’s on the way, or something. And […]


Well another Thanksgiving has come and gone, and now it’s holiday season, which apparently has something for everyone to love and hate in our multicultural society. In between bites and bits of turkey and other assorted colonial delicacies I thought of a few things for which I am thankful, in addition to cranberry sauce, and […]