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Dr. Ernest Isaacson is often called upon to share his expert opinion surrounding foot care & surgery as well as all aspects of podiatry. Check out a list of news stories that he has been featured in!

well+good logo September 2018 | Oh Noo, Kristen Bell, Please Get That Cheese Grater Away From Your Feet

“‘When you’re young and healthy, you’ll unlikely do too much damage that can’t be readily fixed, however we generally would recommend more gentle implements of callus destruction,’ says New York City-based podiatrist Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM.”

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September 2018 | The Heel-to-Toe Guide to Healthy Feet

“Unfortunately, most shoes are not made for real feet that are wider in front and narrow at the heel,” laments Dr. Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM, New York City-based board-certified podiatrist.

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HPR logoAugust 2018 | How Foot Pain Affects Overall Health

Dr. Isaacson is a board-certified podiatrist who prides himself on treating the whole person through the lens of their foot health.

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well+good logoAugust 2018 | How to Banish “All” the Foot Problems – Here’s Your Guide to Best Advice from MDs

“I treat plantar fasciitis, or heel pain, various other aches and pains, sprains and strains, diseases of the skin and nails, bunions, hammertoes, and more,” says NYC-based podiatrist Dr. Ernest Isaacson.

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The Active Times logoJuly 2018 | This ‘Die Hard’ Relaxation Hack Is Actually Brilliant

To find out, we reached out to experts in both Western and Eastern medicine — Dr. Ernest Isaacson, a New York-based podiatrist

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Bustle logoJuly 2018 | The 3 Best Socks For Athlete’s Foot

According to Dr. Ernest L. Isaacson, DPM, FACFAS, the best socks for athlete’s foot are made of “synthetic materials (that) have been designed for comfort and dryness, and the old standards.

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